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The June heat shattered everyone. It is not surprising then, that just as in previous years, Poles are starting the holiday season at the beginning of June. Some of us still appreciate the beauty of Polish nature and take full advantage of the attractions that can be found even in Masuria and Podhale. As it turns out, more and more often we decide on foreign family trips. Where do we usually leave?

The most popular destinations in 2019.

It turns out that the holiday elections of Poles in 2019 are very similar to those from previous years. What are the holiday destinations for Poles? We are still very eager to visit Greece for the purpose of holiday travel choosing both well-known towns and less-visited tourist resorts. We prefer to relax on Santorini, Corfu, Rhodes and Crete. Those who want to know the beauty of southern Europe choose Croatia, Bulgaria or Montenegro. The Balkans attract Poles not only beautiful views and relatively low prices, but also great and rich in various flavors of the Balkan cuisine. More and more popular holiday in exotic places – to fulfill the dream of an exotic vacation, Poles are going to Dominican Republic, Kuba or Zanzibar. Israel is often chosen as the destination of the holiday destination – we mainly visit Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The United Arab Emirates are also popular – the city that attracts Poles is Dubai.

Sun and sand, or rather visiting monuments?

It is worth adding that the way we rest – the tanning on the sandy beach has ceased to be enough. For several years, Poles have been focusing on active learning about the regions in which they are resting. They learn about their history using optional trips offered by individual travel agencies. We are also more and more open to the traditional cuisine of the country in which we rest – we usually try to get to know the specialties of a given region.

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